LSS in my head

The Girl is Mine
by Super Junior


didn't i tell you to forget your empty dream, just give up on her
are you still living with an attachment, i don't understand you
since long ago, me and her talked on the phone all through the night
that's the kind of relationship we have
you not being able to acknowledge that is making me frustrated
i'm the only one

this is where it ends, you've done enough
i'll understand your tears when it's time for you to leave
now let's shake hands like men
b'coz she's gonna be in my embrace smiling

that lovable smile is mine
they say misunderstanding is freedom,
even if you don't want to acknowledge it, it's reality
why isn't it getting through to you, give up already
you don't understand our relationship is making me frustrated
i'm the only one


you can no longer have more
look over there at that beautiful girl
how can you not love her
the oerson that knows my burning heart
she's the only one

i know you want me right now
the man you want is me


credits: youtube + imeem


posted by rian at 1/13/2008 11:16:00 PM


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