On track

Falling Away

Miguel Escueta

Here we go, it’s crashing down around
Through the speed as we try to define
Doubts re-surface, waves you can’t withstand
We find ourselves here once again
And we’re…

We’re falling away from this

Wasn’t it enough to let you feel the sun?
Am I not worth every fall?
We’ve gone too deep to just let this fly
So please hold on and let me save us
Please hold on and let me save us

How long must I weather this storm?
I’m drowning into your condescending eyes
Please bend for me, even just a bit
Can’t you see that I am already broken?
And you’re…

You’re falling away from me

Oh… can’t you feel it?
We are falling into the abyss
That we just can’t comprehend
Oh… don’t you know that
Some wounds just never heal

We’re falling away from this

credit: imeem

posted by rian at 5/28/2007 08:38:00 PM


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