By: runerrands

Feels like dying
I’m crying
I’m fine
I’ll be better.

Cursing my life
Pulling me to the end
I’m giving up.
Push me to the limit
I’m ready.

Stop the killing
My heart will stop beating
Cuddle me to my grave
I’m so forsaken.

Pray for me
You’re my only hope
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Laugh about it.

I’ll be leaving
Treasured memories will stay
Keep it forever
Look up!
I’m just around the corner.

Heaven and Earth

By: runerrands

When I came to know you
I wasn’t expecting from it.
Knowing you is enough,
But how come you won’t let go?

Don’t hesitate.
Run while you can
Away from me
Away from my eyes to see

The wind turned so cold
It starts raining.
It keeps on pouring
Laughter turned into a frown.

A mass of sand in a glass
The sky above
Two world apart
Colored black and white.

Say we’ll never part
But parting is a chance
Listen to me!
I’m giving you a chance.

Don’t look back
It’s all a mess.
I know it’s not easy
It’s painful

I feel you
I can feel the rain from heaven
But I believe
Soon it will end.

Let it all out
Be glad.
I’m the cause of your grief
I’m losing grip.

Hold on
The sun is rising
Calm your heart now
Be glad the storm is over.


By: runerrands

Joy and happiness are one
Just like the moon and the stars
Two but one
One will never be two or three or four
Creatures big or small
Through thick or thin
Forever will be.

Forward but not backward
Push and don’t pull
Reach out.

Have no fear
Courage is the rear.
Close door?
But the window will open.
Braise yourself.
The sea breeze is worth watching
Tidal is not coming.
Be brave yet prepared
See the sun rise
See the wonders of your life.


By: runerrands

Let my footsteps mark the land I've chosen.
Let my arrival be my souvenir.
Welcome me with burning flames,
Passion is a gift from heaven.

Let me dedicate my aspirations to my homeland,
She is my burning flame.
An emblem in my heart that marks her dignity,
More thicker than blood to thee.

Fire is the symbol of passion.
It is my true color.
Its power is undying
Leaving ashes to those who conquer.

Let me leave you with this legacy
That my flames will always remain.
My light outshines darkness,
For I will dance like burning flames.

A Heart of Stone

By: runerrands

You saw me and I debut.
A chance to know you is a splendor,
A moment I can't contain.

I love you..
But it was all a lie.
I was blinded by loyalty.
Everything I'll say is the truth.

I play the game
I thought you'd be the one
I didn't make a move
I took the chance

It was crazy,
I was dumb.
You have a heart of stone,
Please open up!

Don't carry your burden by yourself,
I'm here.
Everything you're saying is safe
I know its not you.

I need the real you
Hey! the cold one
Is that you?
It's confusing.

I know I made my mistakes
I guess I was wrong.
Everything is not what I yearn for,
I can't feel the love you have for me.
I was disappointed.
I guess this is good-bye.

We'll part without any memories together,
The only link we have is rare.
But it’s okay,
I don't mind.
I'm glad you’re leaving.


By: runerrands

In this lonely road
I ask myself
Why am I alone?
Can't you be here?
I'm calling you.

Come to me and stay
Remember the good old days?
We sit and talk
Like me don't care

Life is so crazy
With you—
Simple things becomes so special,
An ordinary day becomes an event.

Good times will always be the same,
If I only knew you wouldn't be the same
I shouldn't let you fly away.
Now I sit alone
Calling your name.

I need you beside me like the good old days,
I wish it would always be that way,
But how can I make you stay if you don't wanna make it okay
You're not you
Time has change.

Better Days

By: runerrands

A moon w/o stars is a galaxy w/o the universe
Like the love I have for you when I'm empty-handed.
Flowers in spring but my heart's at fall,
It's a gloomy-weather day today, isn't it?
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

God bless me when I fathom your words,
Believe me when I utter a word.
Blue sky has come out,
Birds singing songs of melody,
As today is a better day.

Come with me in an open air,
Breathe in, breathe out
Savor the scenery life has to offer.
The moon will no longer be alone as the galaxy has found its home.
A heart at fall has changed,
As I welcome a better day.

Nobody Knows

By: runerrands

I live my life day to day
Living this life in a normal way,
Everything is usual— I may say
Till you came bumping my way.

From here I can sense your scent,
I think I felt your heartbeat just then,
But you don't know it,
Coz nobody knows.

The closer I get,
The harder I fall,
Still, nobody knows.
Whenever we collide I can feel the heat,
I can fell love whenever you are near.

In whatever you do I'm always there,
Cheering you up whenever you're scared,
Laughing with you whenever you want to,
And when you're asleep— this hand lingers to touch your face,
And you don't notice
Coz nobody knows.

When will you be able to know it?
I'm too weak to tell.
I've been keeping this for long,
And I'll be keeping it till you get the thought.


By: runerrands

I'm living trying to be somebody,
Always pretending to be someone else,
I look at the mirror to see,
I look closer but I can't find me.
My reflection was gone,
A ghost very transparent to everyone.

I'm lost,
Where did my reflection go?
God, give me back my self
I can't live without it.

I have no identity,
Always a copy of somebody,
I saw myself in the water
It's fading out.
A frown won’t give me an answer— so I cried,
Where did it go?
I need it back.

When will I deserve it?
Only God knows.
Now I'm praying— bended knee,
Begging myself to hold on,
Keep my faith I say,
I'll be having it back soon.

The Light

By: runerrands

In my dream I saw a raging light,
A light that I cannot fight.
I want to see the beam so I can figure it out,
But I failed to see it that night.

I woke up, wondered,
I became so curious that I pray it would happen,
I want to see it again,
What is that light?

The night came and I dream again,
With gladness in my eyes I saw my anticipation,
This time, the light has its offering hands,
Hands welcoming me to another life.

I reach for it but I can't hold it,
A light with a hand but no face?
A question that won't erase.
I felt strange yet safe near the light,
And as time goes by with a surprise in my eyes, I was in the arms of Christ

What Love Is?

By: runerrands

At first I thought love is a horrible thing,
It will only cause me trouble and pain,
Gain nothing but regrets.
Until something happened,
Something I will never forget.
It's a reality that I only wished to be a dream,
For in dreams I can make you mine,
No worries about the things that surrounds me,
But what I never knew is-- it is beginning to come true.
The first tears are for the joy your love brought to me,
The day you became mine.
Second are for the times you cried,
Moments I cried with you.
The tears during our fights is on the third,
And the fourth will be the last.
But it wasn't only the tears,
For love has no boundary.
There is also the delight of a never-ending enchantment to the world of the unknown,
A paradise as you may call it,
A place full of surprises,
The warmest of embraces and the sweetest kiss of kisses,
Passionately unfolds the victory of love that has conquered.
Memories will not be forgotten— it is unforgettable.
Truly, love is a many splendored thing,
A feeling that is undeniable,
We nailed and we learn from it.
Through it we see our true self,
It's not just an experience but a learning experience for all,
So why should I be afraid of?
It's not wrong to fall in love,
But it's a sin it you mustn’t.
posted by rian at 5/31/2007 11:01:00 AM


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