The Last Days

by Hourglass
from acoustic night live

if today were the last of all days
would you change how you feel who you are
would you rise for a moment above all your fears
become one with the moon and the stars

do you like what you see looking down
do you give everything that you could
have you done everything that you wanted to do
is there still so much more than you would


follow your dream to the end of the rainbow
way beyond one pot of gold
open your eyes to the colors around you
and find the true beauty life holds

would you live for the moment like when you were young
and time didn't travel so fast
be free in the present enjoying them now
not tied to a future or past (chorus)

you probably say all you wanted to say
but doesn't it strike you as strange
and we only begin to start living our lives
if today were the last of all days

if today... were the last... of all days

oh oh oh days


posted by rian at 10/14/2007 08:27:00 AM


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