Thank goodness! I recovered all of my past works. You see, I am making poems before--- usually if I'm in the mood.

I'm glad that I still got the links to my old blogs, and I can now transfer some entries there in here.

Thanks to fin. Thanks to her because after all, she hasn't deleted my blog links in her blog yet, despite me not going there for a long time anymore. And I can now get what I needed through her blog.


By: runerrands

I tried so hard to be loved,
But no one seems to love me.
I tried so hard to be the best,
But my best wasn't good enough.

Do you love me from what you see?
Or do you love me because it's me?

I'm here in this world,
Don't know what I'm searching.
Maybe, I just want to be love?
Or just want to love you.
Can you help my way through?

Do you know me when you look at me?
Or you're just pretending to be.

I'm very mysterious and hard to understand
But I'm not what you think I am.
If you could know me well,
Then you'll know, I'm just like anybody else.

I hate to pretend but I'm a pretender.
I used to be like this,
Wanting someone to love me in peace.

You think I'm a snob and don't know how to love?
Pls. forgive me, that's all I can say.
It's just the fact that I don't know where to start,
What's the best thing to do,
How to show it to all of you.

Pls. try to understand…
I am a young man but a child at heart,
Know nothing about myself,
Know nothing 'bout others,
Still learning to fit in to be the best that I can be.


By: runerrands

When you left I cried.
When you called I smiled.
When you're down I'm blue.
You know why?…
It's because I love you.

You're the reason I live.
You're the answer to my prayers.
You're the breath that I take,
Each and everyday.
Is this enough for you to stay?

My life is a mess without you,
Can't you see it?
This existence is because of you.
Emptiness is all I see
Because my heart has a vacancy,
Can you fill this fantasy?

When will you come back?
I'm here waiting.
Even if it takes so far,
As long as you’ll return,
I promise I'll be anticipative.


By: runerrands

I am created with a purpose.
God made me to live.

I am but a lame creation,
A lifeless soul, with a dumb mind.
Showering with good merits through her entity,
With soft touches to feel her worth.

Error to her errands is essential.
Learning from it is just.
But a journey without a comrade is a desert.
Marching to an endless waltz.

There is no such thing as surrender,
For the war is not yet over.
Think of defeat and you will be defeated.
Think of triumph and you will succeed.

Bring with you, red flag instead of white,
Show them you will never retreat.
Courage is victory.
Life is survival.

Think of it.
For God made us with a purpose to live.


By: runerrands

Believing you're here is a misery.
Hoping you'll see the pain in me.
But what's the point of all of this,
If you're not here with me.

Emptiness overflows,
Shadowing the light to my survival.
Stay here,
Stay with me tonight,
I need you, I need you
Don't go.

As I wake up,
The warmth of sunshine on my face.
Still wearing these fake me.
Hiding all the tears,
Forget me not.

Remember me for a lifetime,
Don't leave the rest behind.
I'm not forgetting you, my love.
So I'm waiting still.

Stay with me forever.
I need you, I need you,
Don't go.


By: runerrands

A morning of good cheer,
Walking like you don't even care.
Looking at a distance near my spot,
I saw a raging sun that's you.
It feels warm inside
My cheeks turned red.
Heart pumping non-stop.
Mind thinking you saw me…
Daydreaming me.
I proceed on my way as I am getting late,
And you are too.
Walking with eyes on my side to see if you're just near,
I saw the entrance and I know this will be the end.
I didn't prayed that time would stop,
But I'm wishing tomorrow and everyday will be the same.
You walk in first the gate but you didn't gave a damn to look back.
Ouch! My heart aches.
Saddened me to death.
I walk up the stairs not anymore thinking of you.
Gosh! What a lucky day today.
"You're still not in your room, stud?" I whisper.
But I walk over you for I don't want this heart to be revealed.
As I pass by you…
You have no idea what it meant for this ordinary gal very happy to see you.


By: runerrands

You're the one I idolize
The one that I adore
You hurt me
You're putting me down now.

The light that helped me to see
The darkness that lead me to plea.
You're the most painful thing
God, forgive me.

I'm calling you now
Listen to me
I know to you I'm just shit
Like a trash of paper sheet.

My story has just begun
The line is still undone
I don't need your help
I'm fine by myself

But if one day you heard me call
That's the time, I'm about to fall.

I Hate You, Eve

By: runerrands

If it's not because of you I wouldn't be here
Your sins are my sins too
Everything is nostalgic
Maybe I won't ever understand you.

Sometimes I ask myself
Why of all creatures you're the one I most love and hate
We both came from the same fruit
You and me are alike.

I hate you because to me your an enemy
Your words are like knives that's killing me
I hate you because I love you more than myself
Why cant' you see it?

Maybe we came from different time
Both worlds won't be alike
The past will never be the present and the future
But I want to make it happen
If only I could.

I wanna make it stop.
I never want to hate you or cause your pain again
I want to bare your sorrow but you won't bear with me,
Is it the prize to be?

I know you're crying
I know it because I'm crying too
I understand you at all
But why can't you understand me?
posted by rian at 5/31/2007 10:30:00 PM


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