You Are 32% Obsessive-Compulsive!

You're a bit out there, a free spirit. A little routine in your life wouldn't hurt but some people like randomness. Maybe need to be a little cleaner but nobody's perfect.

How Obsessive-Compulsive are you?

gURL.comI took the "The Nine Muses" quiz on gURL.com
My muse is...

Euterpe is the patron goddess of music. Her name means "Giver of Pleasure" and she is often depicted playing a flute. Whether you are listening to music or creating it, Euterpe lives up to her name by imparting the pleasure of melodic sound. Read more...

Who is your muse?

gURL.comI took the "Women Warriors" quiz on gURL.com
My woman warrior is...
Joan of Arc

If you're anything like her, you're probably a passionate person who relies on her spiritual side to make important decisions. Whether it's taking on your parents about curfew or your school about their grading policies, you take the time to look at both sides of the conflict and search out your true beliefs. Read more...

Which woman warrior are you?

gURL.comI took the "Constellation" quiz on gURL.com
I am...
Canis Minor

Are you on the shy side, content to hang in the background as a quiet observer? Then you might identify with Canis Minor, the smaller of Orion's hunting dogs. Some say that Canis Minor (which translates as Lesser Dog) is not a hunting dog but merely a pet faithfully following Orion around the sky. Read more...

What constellation are you?

gURL.comI took the "

handwriting personality
quiz on


my handwriting style is...

sophisticated scribbler

Your handwriting reveals you as a thoughtful, intellectual type who avoids fake people and places where there's lots of noise and crowds.

Read more

What does your handwriting say about you?

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