For The Man That Was You

So you saw me in my down time crying in the rain.
You can see my tears even if the rain has wet my face.
And even if I've tried my hardest to smile--- even if it's fake,
You've embraced me in your arms so warm and full of care.
I wanted to push you away, but I couldn't.
Because the sound of your heartbeat is telling me to hold still.
Though you never asked me what is my problem?
I could only feel you already know the answer.

I beg the rain not to stop pouring,
Because the tears won't stop flowing.
It's getting colder and I'm about to faint.

I wake up with swollen eyes on my face,
I looked at the window only to see your face.
It was an unexpected moment when our eyes collided.
Yes, I felt sunshine.
Like I was born to life again.

Upon An Angel

Underneath the velvet sky,
You shine upon me.
Bringing me harmonious melodies,
Sweet soothing sounds I can't resist.
Cool breeze unto my face,
Your air is seducing me.
Come, come to me.
I'm calling an angel that was sent for me.
Yes, yes I'm coming to you.
You are my angel that shines through.

So Many Pleases

I look at you with this wary feeling,
Asking in my deep silence, "How has it been?"
Please tell me soon that no matter what happened you will never let me go.
Please try a little harder, coz I myself is doing the best.

When I look at you, please don't look away.
I need to see your face, so this motivation won't sway.
I said, "Don't look away!",
Or is it me feeling this way?
Please tell me, tell me now,
I need an answer.

Although I know it will hurt me,
But just as long as it is the truth,
I think I will be OK.

Please look at me! Face me!
I'm ready for you.
Although I know it will hurt me,
Just as long as it was the truth,
Maybe someday, I'm gonna be OK.


I wake up each day in this fast phasing world.
And the moment I stop for awhile,
The people around me gets further away.
They were all so far away from me.
I can't keep up in this fast phasing world.
But no matter how I tried to reach them
It will only seemed to be a dream to me.
To the point of exhausting myself,
I will find a way,
Like there is no impossible dream for me.
Until then, I will only be myself although weak.
However, I will keep on improving, proving my worth.
Because when the time comes that the world in no longer yours,
That's the time I will shine on.

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posted by rian at 10/06/2007 02:30:00 AM


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