Untold Feelings

I can't get enough of you holding me.
Through your mystic eyes...
Let me faint in your arms forever.
Your skin, my skin are perfectly blended with emotions untold.
Forget the past and just let go.
I'll caress your feelings that is so cold,
And make it warmer just like the fire in the chimney in the cold weather.
Kiss me, with a desire that you really want me.
I'll never run away.
Cold as ice we were before...
Look at us now...
I don't know.
Believe that in my deepest soul I think of you.
Only you for me is all I know.
Until the day we meet again...
Fly to the blue sky,
To reach for me high above the sky.
Don't give up!
I'll never let go...
Until you finally found your way home...
In my place is where you belong.

Continue loving me in heaven.
Coz I am loving you still in hell.
Hell is this land when you're not around.
This planet is where I'm living.
Guilty with the feelings running out of time,
Forgive me my love that I'm a coward.
I'm truly in love with the woman that is now an angel.
I'm always forgetting the right words to say when you're around.
Now it's too late.
I never thought that the clock would stop ticking with just a blink of an eye.
It never even gave me a seconds of time to tell you, "I love you".
Now I'm living with my life almost dead.
Coz there's no use of this heart when it already stop beating.
It only beats for you...
So what's the point of living when your life support has been taken away?
Tell me now, if you still want me to stay?
Coz it hurts so deeply that I'm going astray.

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posted by rian at 10/16/2007 12:32:00 AM


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