Hana Kimi!

I can't believe myself watching Hana Kimi J-drama na rin! Yung classmate-friend ko kasi eh, in-impluwesyahan ako!

Kanina ko lang inumpisahang panoorin yung drama. Nasa Ep.3 palang ako ngaun. Hala! na-stop tuloy ang pagbabasa ko ng manga! huhuhu. Anyway, patapos na rin naman na ako. Two (2) volumes nalang and i'll be done already.

Alam nyo ba kung bakit ako napapapanood na ng j-drama na yun? Aheehee~ Dahil kay Nakatsu! =D Hinanap ko pa tuloy info nya sa net sa kahunghangan ko sa kanya eh. Grabe! ang tagal na din pala nya sa industry ah. Bakit kaya ngaun ko lang sya nakilala? Pero habang nagb-browse ako ng mga pics nya, mejo hindi tumitindi ang feelings ko sa kanya--- hindi tulad ng na-feel ko kay JUN MATSUMOTO. Pero shax! nai-inlove talaga ako sa kanya dun sa darama eh. Well ganun talaga!hehe. ^3

Ikuta Toma


  1. Ikuta was the one who came up with the name NO BORDER.
  2. He is a huge fan of Backstreet Boys. He even begged Music Station’s staff to let him in the studio to watch Backstreet Boys rehearse.
  3. He loves to collect sunglasses and sneakers. Currently, he has about fifteen pairs of sneakers, and a cabinet full of his sunglasses collection. He also collects soccer uniforms and various toy figures like Gundam, Spider-Man, and Star Wars.
  4. His ideal dream date is to drive at night to a hill top with his girlfriend and watch a city view from there. He and Yamashita Tomohisa attempted this together on one occasion, only to find they were the only non-couple there. They proceeded to shine flashlights at the other cars with couples in them, and both concluded that it wasn't too much fun to do with a friend.
  5. He used to call his mother “Okaa-chan” when he was little, but after being teased by M.A.I.N’s members, he called her “Okaa-san”.
  6. Toma is also a fan of X Japan, especially of popular guitarist Hideto Matsumoto. He once talked on the phone with Subaru Shibutani (Kanjani8) for a hour, just discussing X-Japan. He and his younger brother Ryuusei are fans of GLAY and they attend every single concert during his spare time.
  7. He is a big fan of rock music. He often listens to Metallica, Guns N' Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  8. Toma is right handed.
  9. He looks up to Ken Miyake (V6). Toma even made an imitation of Miyake's voice in one of his appearances in Kanjani8's radio show, Reccomen.
  10. He and Shun Oguri had to kiss 12 times for the drama, Hanazakari No Kimitachi E. Oguri said that Toma's lips were very soft and it was actually the first time he encountered such lips.
  11. He and Oguri were the ones who came up with the nickname Horikittie for Maki Horikita.
  12. He guested twice in Maki Horikita's occasional radio variety show in July. He told her that mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness overcame him during the two sessions because it's his first time having an in-depth and happy one-on-one conversation with a girl. However, he added that he was rather happy that he experienced it first with Maki, who was mutually glad to have him as a guest.
  13. He and Eiji Wentz used to be in a kids band together, but when they got an offer to enter Johnny's, only Toma accepted.

Parang kamukha nya si Junsu (DBSG) jan!

credits: wikipedia + pingbook

Ui! nga pala, while I was watching the drama, napansin ko na mejo deform ang chest ni Oguri Shun. Hmm ano kaya nangyari dun? At WAAAHH!!!! nag-kiss sina TOMA AT SHUN (Hana Kimi- Ep2) Wow! swak na swak talaga eh! hindi lang yun simpleng dikitan ng mga labi! Nababaliw na ako!!!!!!!
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